About Astrovission


Famous astrologer in India, Dr. Sohini Sastri has graduated from Calcutta University and completed her Master’s degree with distinction from reputed university in India. She has also pursued a degree in Diploma in Public Administration. She is an active member of Asian Astrologer of Congress, Astrological Research Project and Astro-medical Research Centre. She is also a researcher astrologer of MRP started by Dr. Ramkrishna Sastri.

She belongs to aristocratic family and born in Kolkata, West Bengal. Since her childhood, she is very honest, polite and candid. Her excellence in the field of astrology has helped her achieve several     awards, such as, Bidyalankar Award, Matangini Hazra Award, Jatis Samragyi Award, Jyatis Guru Award, Krishnamurthy Award and many more.
She provides counseling to people who are having difficulty balancing their emotional state. Dr. Sohini Sastri also works as a vastu consultant and provides ultimate solutions for problems related to residential buildings, business and commercial complex for betterment of their emotional, physical and social life.
Her core expertise lies in-

  • Marriage
  • Business
  • Education
  • Legal problem
  • Love affairs
  • Vastu problem
  • Conjugate problem

Many people around the country have been able to triumph over complications by simply following the guidance of Dr. Sohini Sastri. She is very interested in photography and she is also a singer. Additionally, she has written many articles in astrology for books and magazines.