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According to Best Astrologer India Characteristics of Karmic Numerology and Master Numerology

Numerology is the science of numbers. If we try to know about astrology in proper terms, we can understand that there is various kind of astrological explanation in the field. Numerology is one such branch that holds the concept of numbers and it connection with human life. According to best astrologer India, in numerology, number 1, 2, 3, 9 are considered as matter of research.

For example, if someone has an addition of birth date is 12 or 13, astrologers determine those as ‘1+2=3’ or ‘1+3=4’. But here lies the unique concept of ‘master numerology’ and ‘karmic numerology’.


Some of best astrologer in India researched and came to conclusion that ‘master numerology’ is numbers like 11, 22, and 33. Those who have such addition of numbers, they are specially gifted and inherit some tremendous quality and prove themselves as extraordinary.


While, ‘13, 14, 16, 19’- these numbers are called as ‘Karmic numbers’, as best  astrologer India has determined that such numbers deals with early life, their deeds and thus determines and connects two life together. Those, who are blessed with Karmic numerology, are very hard working and strong, whereas they can be aggressive at times.

Follow details and know about your numerological signs, if you are under ‘master’ or ‘karmic’ or even you can be simply gifted numerological sign.

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