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According to Famous Astrologer in India Connection between Ruling Planet and Engineering Profession in Astrology

Study, Career, life all of these are connected with one another. Sometime we can find the connection, sometime we fail to connect, and disaster happens in life. After taking school degrees, it is very tough thing to choose a career option for students as well as parents.

In fact, sometime parents force their children to a particular career that they do not like. This leads them to depression. Engineering is one such profession that everyone wants to choose this path and excel.


Before proceeding in this field of study or career, you need to know that there are various streams in Engineering and we must choose the right filed by consulting famous astrologer in India to know if that particular path of engineering is for us or not.


For example, you want to choose mechanical engineering for your child but his Venus is not as strong as Mercury. In that case if he fails to succeed that won’t be his fault, but you should choose one career option that is best suited for him or her.  Those who have a strong Venus must study mechanical or architectural engineering, while IT is for those who have strong Mercury.


Electric, Civil should leave better for those who are lucky in Mars. Also, if the strong planet is in the proper house for engineering that is also a matter of observation in Astrology.

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