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Basic Illustration On The Role of Planets From The Great Astrologer in Kolkata

Earlier astrology was considered as the superstition and was scared and avoided by most of the people. In the recent times, the scenario had changed completely and as a result, astrology is being looked at the science of the various planets, stars and its effect on the life of the human beings. People, nowadays, do visit the great astrologer in Kolkata to search for the correct solution for all their problems. The great astrologer in Kolkata, therefore, suggests the importance and role of the planets.

Let us now read some of the important role of each of the planets in the astrology:

Moon: If the moon is positive then it indicates joy, enthusiasm, and peace of mind in the life of the human beings. On the other hand, if the moon is negative then it actually causes tension, depression and suicidal tendency and pessimistic attitude all the times.


Mars: Although it has been seen Mars is being considered as malefic but in the case for Cancer and Leo ascendant, then it becomes Yogkaraka and presents the person or the individual with great prosperity and wealth.


Jupiter: If the birth chart is that of a female, then the planet Jupiter acts as a very positive effect on his husband and also on the married life. It actually rules the zodiac signs Aeries and Scorpio.

Venus: As it is Venus is very much famous for its love, romance, sex, beauty, and music, Venus has great influence on the horoscope chart.


Mercury: Known as the dual-natured planet, it has great influence on the two zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo. It also has great influence on arms, ear, lungs and the different body parts.


Sun: Sun symbolizes power, fame, and energy and it can also make the person arrogant and make him/her feel superior.

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