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Best Marriage Couple in the Astrology According To Great Astrologer in India

We often hear people say about how marriages are made in heaven. Do we actually probe into the saying? The actual meaning of the term is astrological signs and their ruling planet has role to play in marriage. Every couple whose zodiac does not match cannot be a great couple in astrology. Rather those who are connected through astrological bond are best couple for marriage according to great astrologer in India.


Aries & Aquarius: When a fire sign Aries and air sign Aquarius come into a bond of marriage, they are nothing but magical. Both of them are adventurous, and always enthusiastic. They make a great team in their marriage life and overcome all the struggles.



Leo & Sagittarius: These two sign are never insecure about one another, because of their excellence in their own field. Rather they help each other out through thick and thin. It is fresh relationship with no objection and nagging about each other. Overall, it is a great pair.


Scorpio and Cancer: Passionate in a true sense. They both are very emotional as great astrologer in India confirms. No one need to take the lead in the marriage, they guide each other when it’s necessary. And important is they also look beautiful and perfect with each other.

Sagittarius & Aries: This couple is what we call a power couple. Wild dreamer, full of energy – qualities that describes them. They have their share of laughter, fights every time. After a fight, they make up soon as they know the value and support of each other.

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