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Chances of Early or Late Marriages Lies in Our Natal Chart, Says The Top Astrologer in Kolkata

In the recent times, people rely more on astrological services as they are being regarded as scientific in many ways. The top astrologer in Kolkata reads the birth chart or the horoscope very carefully and then judges the position of the planets in each of the houses and then gives the perfect solution to the people. The houses and lords of the birth chart symbolize the early marriage in the life of the human beings.


Let us go through some of the important combinations of an early marriage as suggested by the top astrologer in Kolkata:

If the 7th lord is being positioned in the sign of a benefice planet and the Venus in its own position, then it results in an early marriage for the particular individual.


When Sun is being positioned in 7th house and then 7th lord is being combined with Venus then also it gives the result of an early marriage.


If Venus is in the 2nd house and the 7th lord in the 11th house then also it leads to early marriage.


When Venus is being placed in the Kendra or in the middle of the ascendant and the Saturn is also being placed in Kendra from Venus then it gives rise to an early marriage.

When Venus is in the Kendra from the ascendant and the Lagna lord is in the sign of Saturn then it gives rise to an early marriage.


When it is being seen that Venus in the 7th house from the moon and the Saturn is in eth 7th house from Venus then the marriage takes place at the appropriate time.


When the 2nd lord is being positioned in the 11th house and the 11th lord is being positioned in the 2nd house then also it results in a timely marriage of an individual.

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