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Effect of Saturn On The Marriage

Since the human civilization, history has witnessed that marriage is one of an integral part of the society that is a scared connection between two unknown individuals. But many people do face many kinds of problems in the course of the marriage. In order to solve the problems, many people do visit the great astrologer in Kolkata to resolve all their issues.


All the planets do have their own effect on the natal chart of the native during the process of marriage. All the planets do have their respective responsibility through its position in the natal chart. Saturn is one of the important planets that affect the life of human beings throughout the life. The great astrologer of Kolkata will carefully look into the horoscope, judge it thoroughly and then suggest the effect of Saturn on the marriage in the horoscope.

In the horoscope of an individual, it has been seen that the lord of Rashi occupied by the 7th lord and in this reason Moon dasha will come very late in native’s life. Also if the lord of the sign occupied by the 2nd lord, then there is the effect of Moon. When the lord of Navmansha occupied by the 7th lord, it is being seen that Mars dasha will come even later in native’s life.


Also the 10th lord, mars occupies the position. Venus regarded as the most important planet responsible for marriage so if the effect of Venus is weak then it will be late marriage in life. When Jupiter is in the 9th lord, and the native was born in this particular dasha then it will affect the marriage. If the Saturn is in the 7th lord, then the dasha will be affected and the native was of marriageable age so this planet became the planet for causing marriage.

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