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Health Prediction & Solutions

Astrology and Its Impact on the Health of a Person:

“Health is wealth”, thus if your health is compromised, it has a huge impact on your spiritual and mental health too and also create anxiety amongst your family members. But have you ever wondered that why some people have lesser immunity than the others? Well, though we tend to ignore the seriousness of the issue by counting it to be just a health malady, but that ultimately makes things worse. Dr Sohini Sastri has invested years of her life in cracking the mysteries of astrology so that she can help others to combat their trouble, like medical complications. So to know the root of the problem, trust the best astrologer in Kolkata Dr Sohini Sastri.

Medical astrology justifies that whatever happens to our health is due to the negative impacts of planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu and their wrong positioning in the bad houses 6th , 8th and 12th which symbolizes disease, longevity and death respectively. But how can someone know about this? Famous astrologer in India, Dr Sohini Sastri’s, health prediction and solutions can help you understand that what is wrong with your birth chart, that is making you more susceptible to diseases and what can be done to improve things.

In this era great medical advancement, some people tend to rule out the importance of astrology, but one tends to forget that astrology is the oldest form of science and has been greatly acknowledged by the famous person over the years like Hippocrates, who once said “He who does not understand astrology is not a doctor but a fool”. Astrology never disregards the wonders that Medical science does, to cure a patient, it only strives to locate the primary cause of distress. Dr Sohini Sastri explains that some people are more prone to health issues because of the malefic effects of certain planets and overlooking the seriousness of the same may often lead to catastrophic outcomes, which even medical science cannot explain.

Though many of us tend to rule out the significance of astrology, but well-versed astrologer Dr Sohini Sastri justify that certain things are beyond human control and thus they cannot be challenged. The same is true in case of the language of the heavenly bodies. As human beings, though we fail to decipher the same, but that does not deny its significance. Professional guidance from someone like Dr Sohini Sastri can help you have a satisfactory health prediction and solutions.

If you are really bothered about the persistent ill-health of your near and dear one, feel free to get in touch with Dr Sohini Sastri, she will not disappoint you. Her compassionate approach will not only soothe your anxiety, but also instill your confidence to deal with the circumstances.