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Marriage Compatibility & Solutions

Understand the Language of the Stars.

No human on this earth has a problem free life; in fact these problems are like darkness which makes us more aware of the light that is happiness in our life. But repeated failures in competitive exams, huge losses in business and problems in our conjugal life, leaves us mentally and emotionally drained. The most crucial part of a person’s life is marriage. Marriage is a ”union of two souls” and this union either contributes to 99 per cent of your happiness or 99 per cent of your miseries. So, one should act prudently while deciding over his or her life partner.

Famous astrologer in India, Dr Sohini Sastri gives you a detailed marriage compatibility report and also guides you, if you are facing problems in your conjugal life. Marriage demands commitment, but often these beautiful bond hits the rock because of various undefined reasons. The seventh house in our birth chart determines the marital life of an individual. Many parents suffer from huge anxiety because they are unable to find a good match for their son or daughter. Dr Sohini Sastri polite approach has encouraged many parents to seek her advice and they all unanimously agree to have been relieved of their anxiety by her marked guidance.

The validity of astrology and the astrologer has been subjected to the test of time; Dr Sohini Sastri has invested many years of her life in gaining command over the subject.  According to Vedic astrology a person’s nuptial life is directly influenced by the position of Venus and Mars in their birth chart. Wrong positioning of the same may cause havoc in one’s life. So it is highly recommended to get a detailed analysis of the marriage compatibility report so that you can ensure a blissful life for your child after marriage. The significant rise of failed marriages and cases of divorce often leaves the parent’s terrified. Believe it or not the conjugal bliss is bestowed by the correct positioning of the stars in our birth chart. So matching the “gunas” of the bride and the groom is highly recommended to find out how well both of them will bond in future.  Dr Sohini Sastri is undoubtedly the best astrologer in Kolkata and she has accomplished great success in the relevant area. Her vivid guidance is said to have blessed many with happy conjugal life.

Though many disregard the influence of astrology on one’s life, but that in no way reduces the value of this age old science, which has been interlinked to the most advanced scientific genre – astrology. Whatever happens to us happens for a reason, astrology reaffirms this simple philosophy of life. Dr Sohini Sastri indomitable knowledge over palmistry, numerology and vastu sastra has earned her a place among the best astrologer in India. She has thus been honored with several momentous awards for her noticeable contribution in astrology.