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Relationship Prediction & Solutions

Stars and its Effects on Relationships on Earth:

Relationships are that crucial part of human life on which the emotional, physical and spiritual well being of a person depends.  When we are talking about relationships, then it does not have to be just the conjugal or amorous relationship, we humans value each and every relationship in our life, be it with siblings, our parents or our extended family.  Life is not a bed of roses, so undoubtedly we come across various hurdles that often cause disruptions in our family ties. Dr Sohini Sastri, the renowned astrologer from Kolkata, justifies that astrology has deep impact on a person’s overall behavior in any association, be it within his family or outside it.

Marriage of a person is said to “either make him or break him”. And sometimes it becomes too tough for a person to handle such emotional mayhem. Unfortunately, many of us do not care about compatibility issues and discard them as mere superstition, until that day when everything falls apart. Dr Sohini Sastri explains that, matches are indeed made in heaven, but how are you going to be sure who is the perfect one for you. Relationship prediction and solution by Dr Sohini Sastri has helped many to come out of their dilemma.

Not just marriage, issues with your siblings too turns situation worse at your abode of peace. But instead of cutting that person out of your life, you should think how you can combat the problem. Take the expert guidance of Dr Sohini Sastri before severing all the ties, because sometimes trivial issues lead to disastrous outcomes. So try to find out how you can resolve the matter.

A person’s birth chart is like a “map of heaven”, where the stars have revealed everything that is going to happen in your life on earth, but you need someone to guide you to understand the meaning of your birth chart. Dr Sohini Sastri has devoted her life in decoding the various mysteries of astrology to help her clients to comprehend the message of the stars. Relationship prediction and solutions by Dr Sohini Sastri is nearly flawless and thus gives you a complete guidance in matters related to your heart.

Love, in the life of a person turns the “me” into “we”, so commotion in the same does leave him shattered from inside.  Dr Sohini Sastri explains that the malefic effects of certain planets like Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Mercury has huge impact on the life of its ascendants. Problems do crop up, but there are ways to solve it. The only thing is that you have to lay your trust on someone worthy. Dr Sohini Sastri’s hour long counseling session acts as an emotional booster, she takes a deeper analysis of your birth chart and suggest you the ways to cope up with any relationship turmoil. And her clients concur that her solutions have really worked for them.