Astrology and Palmistry : Linkage, Differences, and More!

According to the Best Palmist in Kolkata, planets contain restless energy that travels during the day in all directions of the cosmos. People as a result absorb a lot of energy when exposed to the sky. This energy has both good and bad qualities. If it’s great, amazing things will follow; if it’s awful, terrible things will follow.

Some of this energy is still being released from our bodies. Our bodies bear the marks of their flow in the shape of lines, especially on the head, feet, and palms. The study of palm lines is known as palmistry. These lines reveal information about your attitude, personality, and future.

Differences Between Astrology and Palmistry:

You can use astrology and palmistry to foretell your character, your life, and future events. Despite doing comparable jobs, they are employing distinct tools in the process.

  • Palmistry is the practice of interpreting the patterns on the palms of hands. These are the lines a palmist uses to forecast the future. He can tell who is seated in front of him by the way the lines flow and where they intersect. His character, good and bad times, and chances for the future. Someone has to have received instruction in order to be proficient at it.

Contrarily, astrology uses details like the time and date of birth to construct a birth chart or horoscope. You can see every facet of your life on this chart.

  • In palmistry, individual interpretations are important. However, there are several fundamental rules that all palm readers must adhere to. Two palm readers could interpret the same line differently.

On the other side, astrology is a completely scientific approach to making predictions. While no one can promise that these predictions will be accurate 100% of the time, astrology is probably more reliable than palmistry. This is due to the fact that astrological forecasts are based on numerous calculations.

What’s Next?

You must be physically present for a palm reading. He needs to sense your body’s energy flow in order to deduce your behaviours, thoughts, and intentions. While astrology merely requires an accurate birth time and date. A person sitting in Cambodia can talk to the best Palmist in Kolkata about his planet.

Relationship Between Both:

The fact that everyone can practise palmistry is a benefit. You only need a basic understanding of palmistry’s fundamentals to get started. The drawback is that you can’t certain that your predictions will be accurate. You will therefore need to rely on astrology to support your conclusions.

  • The five elements of the universe are heavily emphasised in both astrology and palmistry. According to palmistry, the prominence of the five elements (air, water, earth, fire, and sun) in your life is determined by the length of your fingers and the shape of your palms. For instance, a square palm with short fingers symbolises the Earth hand whereas a square palm with long fingers symbolises the Air hand.
  • These substances are categorised based on astrological indications. For instance, the earth element is related to the astrological signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. The traits of these signs correspond to the characteristics of someone with earth elements.

Which Is More Accurate: Palmistry or Astrology?

Astrologers and palmists like Lubomir Tchervenkov, the renowned Russian astrologer who excels in astrology, numerology, and palmistry, through the eyes of the best Palmist in India, claim that astrology is more accurate than other occult sciences.

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