Best Palmist in Kolkata: An Introduction To Indian Palmistry:

Since the ancient times, people have been curious about knowing the fate and understanding the destiny of the people. It is this spirit of inquiry, which gave birth to the world of predictive sciences or the various services of astrology. Palmistry, also known as Chiromancy, is an inherent part of the predictive science of astrology. It is truly surprising how a person’s hands can be so insightful. Each line on the palms of a person speaks of certain traits and events that will occur in the individual’s life or has had occurred in the past and the present state of mind. Just like no two persons will have the same fingerprint, same the palm lines are also very intricate. The study is actually very complicated and any person without a palmistry practitioner cannot decipher the hidden codes randomly and also interpretations cannot be thrown in any general direction as such. According to Best Palmist in Kolkata,  each and every individual to have their own journey of life and the palm lines actually decode the dynamism of the journey. The unknown fact is that the lines of the palm changes as a person grow older and along with those lines the fate also takes its own shape.

In fact, even the shape, size, length, and colour of your fingers have to be taken into account while making predictions in palmistry. The study is not transitory rather it has to go on forever until the last breath of the individual. Let us go through some of the basic aspects of studying this science.

Type Of Hands Based On Quality:

Every individual has an active hand and a passive hand. The active hand is dominant or governs all the work and shows the major changes in a person’s life. The passive hand is non-dominant and shows the intrinsic characteristics of a person. Both active and passive hands should be taken into consideration while studying the palms.

The shape of the hands also says a lot of things about the overall persona of an individual. It must be studied in reference to the colour of the skin and the shape, size, and length of each finger as well. There are, however, major groups of hands:

Square hands: Square hands have short, square fingers and fingertips. The palm of the square hand is large and somewhat long and people with such hands are downright practical, influential and dominating.

Conic hands: The conic shape hand is wide at the base and narrow at the fingers and is long, smooth and pointed at the tips. The palm is proportionate and fleshy and overall the hands look graceful. People with such hands are artistic in nature and creative as well.


Elementary hands: This kind of hand is club-shaped and the fingers are short with square tips. The skin is rough and the lines on the palm are distinctive. People with elementary hands are dependable and hard workers, down-to-earth and humble.

Spatulate hands: This kind of hand is square shaped with a broad base and small thumb. These hands tend to be wider than long with a thick palm and deep lines. People with Spatulate hands are confident, social, and lovable in nature.

Philosophic hands: Philosophic hands are very firm and long with long fingers. The fingertips are fleshy and people tend to become great philosophers, diplomatic and reclusive.

Psychic hands: Psychic hands are slender and long with a narrow and thin palm. People with psychic hands are considered idealistic, patient in nature and imaginative.

Mixed hands: In the case of a mixed hand, the shape of the palm is square and the shapes of the fingers vary from person to person. People with mixed hands are very adaptive and compassionate and they turn out to be able managers especially multitasking.

The Major Palm Lines:

Of all the lines in your palms, four are primary – the lifeline, the heart line, the headline, and the fate line. The fourth line is not found in all.

  • Palmistry life line – Can be found around the base of the thumb curved between this finger and the index finger. Many people do have the misconception that this line can reveal your lifespan. However, it stands for the zest, success, and prosperity in your life instead.
  • Palmistry heart line – Runs almost horizontally across your palm with a slight curve depicting the influence of your heart in your physical and emotional being. It has an important role to play in decision-making in your life.
  • The headline – Sits between the lifeline and the heart line in the middle of the palm and directs to the status of your mind and brain.
  • Palmistry fate line – Runs from the base of the palm to the middle, almost vertically and stands for a person’s success, career, and finances.
  • Palmistry Money line – They are upright lines locating under the ring and little fingers.

Palmistry predictions are based on the length, depth, and clarity of the lines. The lines of the palm are being shaped when the human beings form a fist in their mother’s womb, their intensity depends on how strongly the fist was made. The entire process depends on the physical and mental health of the mother and the condition of the person as a fetus. The healthier a baby, the more intense will be the lines. This, however, has nothing to do with our future. For instance, a weak baby with a faded lifeline need not necessarily live a short lifespan. In fact, this individual can outlive a healthy baby with a deeper lifeline. It’s all relative and depends on how a person chooses to live his life.

The Minor Palm Lines:

  • SunLine – it indicates a person’s creativity and self-confidence.
  • Bracelet Lines – they indicate a person’s prosperity and longevity.
  • Children Lines – they indicate a person’s potential child.
  • Girdle of Venus – it indicates a person’s excitement and nervousness.
  • Health Line – it indicates a person’s overall health.
  • Intuition Line – it indicates the intensity of a person’s intuitive nature.
  • Relationship Line – it indicates a person’s relationships, affairs, and marriages.
  • Simian Line – this particular line is rare and surfaces when the heart and head line are absent. The Simian line indicates the merging of the two lines and people with the simian line are very stubborn.
  • Ring of Jupiter – it indicates a person’s leadership qualities.
  • Ring of Saturn – it indicates a person’s pessimistic nature.
  • Ring of Apollo – it indicates any hindrance to a person’s creativity.

The Mounts on Your Palm:

  • Mount of Venus – it determines the love, passion, and romance in a person’s life.
  • Mount of Jupiter – it indicates the power and accomplishment of a person.
  • Mount of Saturn – it represents the patience and responsibility a person has.
  • Mount of Sun – it determines how compassionate an individual is.
  • Mount of Mercury – it represents the flexibility and adaptability of a person.
  • Mount of Moon – it indicates a person’s imaginative mind.
  • Mount of Mars – it represents the strength of a person to deal with hassles and confrontation.

Palmistry is an enthralling field of study. Apart from all these various mounts and lines, the palm of a person’s hand also depicts a number of markings, each of which has a profound meaning. A palmist while predicting an individual’s fate should consider all these aspects and then judge a person’s character.

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