Different barriers to success with Vedic Astrology

The Best Astrologer in Delhi confidently states that success in one’s destiny is negotiable. Success is defined as the peace of mind and gratification of desires. It is attained according to one’s potential to follow their self-path. This evolves according to one’s true nature also.

Only an astrologer can overall assess the birth chart of the individuals and detect, analyse and interpret the most suitable and smooth path of life of any individual. They also identify the obstacles that are seen in their birth chart. They restrict the creative flow of expressions towards one’s desires and goals.They also mention the remedy to eradicate the obstacles of their life to success.

A few reasons that can be barriers to success for an individual

  • Lower mental strength
  • Procrastination
  • Disorganisation
  • Inconsistent motivation and willpower
  • Low Self-esteem and confidence
  • Persistent negative attitudes like anger and pessimism

Significant Barriers to Success in any Birthchart

Everyone has their way to success which is based on their planetary arrangements. This celestial route is determined through their birth details and what they have at the time of their birth. To work out their astrological pathway, it is essential to look after a few things.

The tangential and detailed analysis of Planets, Moon Signs, Nakshatra, Houses, Lord of the specific house and aspects between planets are considered. Elements of planets and three principles of sign modalities Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable are taken into account.


Any birth chart of an individual is related to the vast series of interconnections of planets, houses, signs, nakshatra, aspects and yogas with each other.

Some basic astrological examples are listed below which hinder success in any horoscope:

  • When the mutual aspect of each other of Ketu and Saturn is an unfriendly sign, the native may set high standards for their personal goals. That may create a heightened stress level which may impede their success.
  • If the third house or the lord of the third house is weak or afflicted, it will disturb the progress of success. The person needs to struggle to remain motivated and focused on their goals.
  • When dual signs like Gemini/ Virgo/ Sagittarius/ Pisces sign are afflicted by weak or malefic planets, then the native will be more prone towards indecisiveness between options and have restless tendencies which will deviate the native from their real purpose. Their inconsistent attitude and actions will obstruct their success.
  • When Nakshatra or Moon signs like Bharani/ Mula/ Purva Ashada/ Purva Bhadrapada are prominent and afflicted, then the person may be prone to emotional extremes, as predicted by the Best Astrologer in Delhi. Issues like ego, restlessness, arrogance, anger, uncooperativeness, and being fearful due to stressful situations arise. This causes an insecure and unstable mind, which can create barriers to success in any horoscope.



When the princely Mercury is stable and strong in any horoscope, it brings out productivity in their daily scheduled work. They work efficiently and intelligently manage their tasks with manipulated efforts and clear communication with others.


On the contrary, weak or afflicted Mercury makes any person incapable of making alignment with others with clear communication and applying their talents and abilities with perfection.

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan presents a unique example of Mercury in his horoscope. Mercury is the lord of the 8th house and is placed in its sign. Mercury gives him the talent for good communication. It allows him to be the troubleshooter. However, this placement also gives him low vitality of health at times.



A very impulsive nature planet is Mars. But whenmars is in a strong and favourable place, it aids in overcoming daily challenges with good senses. It bestows energy, stamina, and passion on the native.


When Mars is afflicted or weak, it is very challenging to resolve any problems with their usual focus and motivation. Native used to face inner turmoil and indecision which bars one’s efforts towards success.

PM Narendra Modi  has Mars, which is placed in its sign in the ascendant in conjunction with the debilitated Moon. It makes him a man of quick action though sometimes his hasty action may put him in a judgemental situation.



The Sun is the pivotal planet in any birth chart and the strength and good placement of the dynamic Sun in any horoscope makes the person full of energy and committed to his/her goals.


But this ever-persisting energy for pursuing goals diminishes due to low vitality, imperfect physical health, and lack of self-confidence attributed to weak or afflicted Sun in any birth chart.

It is majorly seen that the politicians have the strong placement of Sun in their 10th house, or it is posited in the house of gains. The same is seen in our present leading Prime Minister.



A strong and favourable Moon blesses with the ability to adjust mentally and emotionally to work with the usual efficiency and practical approach with available resources, according to the Top Astrologer in India.


Weak or afflicted Moon will reinforce mental stress and lack of alignment with changing challenges of daily schedule which will disturb the peace of mind and hinder the success of the native.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s horoscope is a good example of the debilitated Moon in Scorpio sign which gave him a childhood which was full of struggle.



Strong and innovative Jupiter promotes patience, hope, optimism and wisdom to incorporate steps of success in all futuristic avenues of life. Jupiter rules the brain which promotes knowledge and intelligence.


A weak or afflicted Jupiter in any birth chart negates wisdom. The native will fail to assimilate facts with accuracy. The success will be lined up with personal and professional contradictions.

The aspect of exalted Jupiter in the birth chart of APJ Abdul Kalam gave him the heights of creativity and intelligence, as he is known as the Missile Man of India.



Strong and favourable Venus in any horoscope promotes the luxury of having good and healthy relationships. It makes you loaded with the fortune of having options to make gain-yielding choices in life.


The weak or afflicted Venus denotes the lack of peace in life with unfulfilled desires that prevail in the psyche of the native and victimise the success towards their goals.

The presence of Venus in the 8th house blesses Mr. Amitabh Bachchan with the beauty of his talent in Bollywood but it also makes his lower abdomen very sensitive in health matters.



Saturn needs to be strong and favourable in any horoscope to make the people grounded, and practical to have the stamina to face challenges and focus on one’s goals.


Weak or afflicted Saturn reduces the fortitude, organized focus and stamina needed for the fulfilment of any desired goal of life and the person lacks the desire to succeed in life.

The horoscope of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi reveals that he had a strong placement of Saturn in the house of wealth and family, with Ascendant Libra. But he was not able he was not able to enjoy the riches, luxury, enjoyment, and family life personally and lived a very simple life.

Significant Yogas barriers to success:

  • Sakata yoga – The moon in the 6th, 8th, and 12th house from Jupiter obstructs the flow of fortune in any horoscope.
    Example: The Sakat yoga is present in the horoscope of Bala Saheb Thackeray [an Indian politician. He formed the Shiv Sena party in Maharashtra], and had to face a lot of struggles in his life.
  • Paap Kartari Yoga  Malefic planets hemming from the adjoining houses – to ascendant, to Moon or the 5th house.

    Example: Salman Khan, the Bollywood actor, possesses this yoga in his horoscope. Venus, his marriage house lord, is hemmed between the Sun and Saturn making a Paap kartari Yoga.

  • Shrapit Yoga  when Rahu and Saturn are conjoined in any horoscope.
  • Kala Sarpa Yoga  All planets posited on one side of the zodiac between the lunar nodes create extremes of high and low in life.

All the zodiac signs are placed in three modalities of Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs, which have four zodiac signs from each element of fire, earth, water and air, in each group.

When these elements are weak in any horoscope, they will bring out the extremities of every action and emotion. That will create barriers to bringing success to the lives of the people.

It can be said that everyone wants to progress in their prospective life path but only a few have a successful landing of their desires. Sometimes after a lot of hard work, a person even fails to achieve success.

This lack of success is not because of less effort or poor quality of work but rather some astrological intervention or barriers. So, it is essential to identify the significant problem that is blocking the flow of manifestation of success in the birth chart of any individual.

These blocks may be in the progressions of the Dasha chart and transit. These must be identified and analysed by the Famous Astrologer in India to pinpoint the source of the problem and recommend necessary solutions to overcome barriers to success.

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